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ZEN is the only blockchain-powered social video platform for fandom communities everywhere

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Pre-ICO Crowdfunding Campaign

ZEN is not just an app, it's a new type of social media business that empowers our users instead of exploiting them- by helping them build community and earn our new ZENCoin cryptocurrency.

The ZEN pre-ICO is one of the first in the world to be SEC-compliant and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Global Coin Report. We've designed this campaign to match our ethos of empowering stakeholders, and have made it broadly accessible to almost everyone including international and non-accredited investors.

We're offering investors generously discounted pricing on future ZENCoins ahead of our main public sale (ICO), as well as the option to convert to Preferred Equity. Join the hundreds of investors in our growing community today!

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Frank Erik Banks -

Founder - CEO & CTO

Former Lead Systems Engineer/Product Strategist at Zynga on games with millions of daily users. Veteran software engineer/ technologist with a strong interest in blockchain economics. Creator of both ZEN and Zeme, a successful fandom video editor app.

Kevin Kaliher -

Lead iOS Engineer

Kevin is a journeyman iOS developer. His prior experience includes developing early Facebook games as Zynga’s first employee, and storyboarding for cartoons like Dexter's Lab and The Powerpuff Girls.

Marcelo Guerra -

Chief Marketing Officer

An experienced executive and leader who ran digital marketing at the Showtime and GSN cable networks, where he grew active communities of millions of passionate fans. Marcelo's diverse and successful track record spans tech, advertising, and entertainment.

Kimberly Koenig -

Lead Content Strategist

Kimberly is a technologist and content strategist for leading international software and hardware companies. She brings to the table years of experience with industry giants like Microsoft and is a Co-Chair on the VRARA Blockchain Committee.

Danielle Sabrina -

ICO Advisor

Danielle helped lead the successful Olympus Labs ICO, is a Huffington Post contributor, and a high-profile media and FinTech expert. She has built a diverse client base that includes VC's, software companies, FinTech/payments, professional athletes and celebrities.

Marty Tate -

Attorney, ICO Specialist

Nationally recognized securities, finance and fintech attorney. Marty has been extremely active advising in the blockchain space, token sale industry, and ICOs for Giftz, StartEngine and many others.


April 30 - May 2nd

The Crypto Invest Summit is one of the best and largest events of its kind anywhere, with an absolultely stellar list of speakers and panelists. ZEN Founder and CEO Frank Erik Banks will join an amazing panel of leading thinkers to discuss entertainment on the blockchain.

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